Spending time in the open air, gazing out at the stars, just taking in every bit of the tranquillity that comes with being so close to nature. Are you someone who picture your holidays like this? If yes, then Jamai Vilas is your thing! Be it an adventurous holiday or a peaceful one, camping is the new “it” thing because staying in a resort or a hotel is so passe. Who doesn’t love spending their holiday in some grand hotel but let’s admit that sometimes being away from it all, in the middle of nowhere is even more exciting? The recent situation of camping in India has changed completely to emerge as into a luxurious experience. With more and more people preferring this type of stay, numerous camps have come up to cater to all the needs.

Some people really enjoy camping for relaxation and quiet time and see it as a chance to wind. Others prefer to be entertained, at least some of the time. Jamai Vilas that can offer the best of both worlds. These really unique campgrounds cater to campers who enjoy specific activities and even enjoy being entertained, but you can still find a quiet place to unwind when needed.

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