Trekking is adventure that holds a lure for exciting exploration of the world. The usual chosen time for a trek seems to be day-break but are some night-trekking destinations that offer a rich panoramic of view at he end of a thrilling night. Just imagine! A night of trekking that would take you the top of world by the time morning sun peeps out of the horizon.Nature's grandeur enriches at night, under mesmerizing stars and moon speckled darkness. And what better way than a trek to witness nature at night in its purest form

When speaking about one of the best trekking areas around Udaipur, Jawai Vilas is favorite hangout amongst other destinations. It is just 10 kilometers from udapiur. Jawai Vilas has a rugged terrain that's idealfor trekking, rappelling, cave exploration and so on. Hence it is filled always with nature enthusiasts throughout the year. After having a heavy dinner the night trek is a hop, skip and a jump away from the homestay, every bit of it is going to be adventurous as one has to constantly keep an eye out for it wild dogs, jackals and other creatures of the dark.

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