Art of Culinary in the Jungle

Cuisine at Jawai is more than just a meal – It is an indulgence and a real glamping experience. The cuisine philosophy at Jawai is that dishes are simply prepared and executed with class, focusing on flavor over fuss. Each meal is carefully conceptualized taking into account the Time of the day, Weather, Dining setting and season.

Jawai vilas has a Royal method to serve food, without ‘specified - time’ for when guest have to eat. Meal time of the camp follows the movement of drives and excursions.

Much of the organic vegetables and herbs are grown on the premises of the camp. The menu is crafted around local recipe passed down through the generations. The prudently crafted menu offers Rajasthani cuisine, illumined aromatic Thalis. These round platters present a selection of various dishes from dried and green vegetables to dal [pulses], accompanied by rice, Rajasthani Roti and Choorma [traditional sweet].

Night in Jawai is always magical. Without the interference of city lights, a dazzling canopy of stars and constellation is visible and twinkles like a chandelier. Dinners at Jawai are mainly lit by the gentle glow of oil lamps.

The Lamp - lit ambience of dinner area with its large communal table, multiple smaller setting with view of the surrounding wild scrubs and granite boulders of the hillocks, harks back to the Royal glamping of the nobles of the by-gone Raj era.


It is a good setting for informal meal or for basking in the serenity of the wilderness and the star filled night sky. After sundown roaring central log fires make it a gathering point – a post dinner outdoor place where guest recount and reflect on the day’s explorations.


A private bush dinner with Barbeque can also arranged with extra cost in a secluded spot in deciduous vegetation of the camp premises or in the wilderness of Jawai. Recline in front of a roaring log fire, with a drink in one hand and the fragrance of a live Barbeque in the air; is a unforgettable experience. We believe that no safari holidays are complete without enjoying a bespoke bush dining experience.


Adding to the morning chorus of birds, surrounded by the wild sound and scent of nature, in the wild scrub enclosed area, the alfresco breakfast at Jawai Vilas is a pleasing experience.

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