The main theory behind the camp is to be environmentally and socially aware with an understanding that sustainable conservation is not possible without the local community. For this reason most of the team is from local community and Jawai Vilas is actively involved in education within the local school and woman health awareness in remote small hamlets. With this fraternity the camp is able to give guest a unique insight in to the lives of the local people that habitat the small village and hamlets nearby and all around exceptional experience in the wilderness of the Jawai – Bera region.

The natural landscape is left in its pristine form in all the premises, ensuring the natural habitat is not disturbed and the indigenous flora and fauna can flourish. We do hard for minimize the use of single use plastic.

Jawai Vilas also picks locally grown and sourced food. Much of the organic vegetables and herbs are grown on the premises. The menu is crafted around local produce and regional recipes are given prominence.

The camp supports local schools and education initiatives as well as provides employment to local youth. A good part of the revenue is pumped back in to the local economy in form of salaries, supplies, vehicle hiring, labor etc.

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